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I'm currently engaged in the following projects (non-professionally):

Software translation

Screenshot of firefox.no site

One of my passions is making software available for everyone, either by making the software more accessible, easier to use, or available in a familiar language of terms. That is why I work as a translator for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, and Seamonkey for Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO). I also coordinate the Norwegian Nynorsk (nn-NO) localization, but do not contribute translations for it.

Sometimes, I also find time to blog for the firefox.no community web site.

I also contribute translations to various other open source and commercial translations, when the quality of the original translations are annoying enough. Notable examples include IzPack, Trillian, uTorrent, and Steam.


In 2010, I competed in several races, amongst others Styrkeprøven Trondheim-Oslo (540 km / 336 miles), Enebakk Rundt, Øyeren Rundt, Nordmarka Rundt, Randsfjorden Rundt, Oslo Sykkelfestival, Birkebeinerrittet, and Rulletour. All of them with decent results.

The season's totals were 5000 kilometres, and 300 hours of various types of exercise. It's awesome to be fit, and fantastic to reach the training goals after 6 months of hard work.

sykkelbilde 1

Before Randsfjorden Rundt 2010
(photo: organizer)

sykkelbilde 2

During Oslo Sykkelfestival, in
the front of the pack up Ekeberg
(photo: A. Blaafladt)

For the 2011 season, I also made a few videos with a helmet camera for my sports club. These are available on YouTube. The following clip is from the Styrkeprøven — Trondheim-Oslo race, which is a whopping 540km long. (The impatient may want to skip to 11:30 for the ending only)

See my other cycling videos on YouTube.

DataBibelen software development

DataBibelen is property of SigveSaker.


Screenshot of DataBibelen (Windows 7)

I'm a software developer for SigveSaker, writing Bible study software in C++. SigveSaker is a non-profit company in Stavanger, which develops market-leading Bible study software in Norway. The software is developed by a decentralized team of 4-6 contributors.

My engagement in the project involves maintaining several applications, but in particular the DataBibelen Bible study application. DataBibelen is a Windows application written with the Borland OWL toolkit, using a MDI interface to the user. The program features amongst others a MIDI music player (for christian songbooks), hyperlinks between a vast amount of texts, cross references, advanced/indexed searching, history, session restore, bookmarking, and many other productivity functions.

Read more about DataBibelen on SigveSaker's home pages (in norwegian)

DataBibelenJ (Java version)

Screenshot of DataBibelenJ (Windows 7)

A port of the DataBibelen software package to Java 1.5+. The purpose of this port is to make the software technology available to Mac OS X and Linux users, and possibly to take over the main application development, due to its platform advantages.

DataBibelen Mobil
DataBibelen Mobil

Screenshot of DataBibelen Mobil

DataBibelen Mobil is a simple application for viewing DataBibelen Bible texts on mobile phones. The application is written for Android 2.2+. DataBibelen Mobil supports viewing both Bible texts and other DataBibelen text modules, cross references, advanced indexed searching, bookmarking, and navigation history.

Available on Android Marketplace.

Installation system

Screenshot of SFX installer

In order to support the distribution of the DataBibelen system, I (through SigveSaker) wrote an installation system for the Windows platform. The installation system consists of several components: A Self-Extracting Archive (SFX) installer, a menuing system suitable for CD/DVD distribution, and a module delivery system to distribute copy-protected text modules with the DataBibelen software.

The decision to write our own installation system instead of using COTS software system, was based on the advanced requirements of protecting copy-protected material.


Screenshot from MannaSaver

A screen saver for Windows distributed along with copies of DataBibelen. The software shows inspirational quotes from the Bible, on top of photographs that I have taken myself.

MannaSaver offers transformations (written with bit manipulation!) to change screens/quotes, and offers user-customizable frequency and content. Available in both norwegian and english. Written in pure C++ with winapi.

Read about or download MannaSaver
Read about MannaKorn (related program)

Books of the Bible (game)
bibelbok screenshot

Screenshot from Books of the Bible

A simple educational game, for Windows. Place the books of the Bible in the correct order as fast as you can.

View the highscore list online
Read about or download Books of the Bible


Documentation Practices in Open Source — A Study of Apache Derby (Master's thesis)

Open source is one of the more interesting trends in software engineering today. The goal of the software engineering discipline is to increase efficiency in the development process, and maximize quality of the product. Open source development processes offer the potential for reducing costs for commercial enterprises.

This master's thesis addresses how open source documents architecture, and how it uses documentation in general. Open source has a reputation of creating high quality software, but documentation of process and product is weak. This may be a hurdle for wider adoption of open source processes, as a thorough understanding of a product's qualities is central to its success. The goal is to better understand documentation requirements in open source. The study is based on participation to the Apache Derby open source project. Action research is the research method.

The findings show that the Apache Derby documents its artifacts in a number of ways, but fails to aggregate it in a meaningful way. A rich set of written communication mediums compensate for this by giving developers the ability to understand the product over time. The study suggests the popularity and diffusion of an open source project may affect requirements for documentation.

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